Yes, yes, we know. The title is incredibly confusing. We can't help it! The name of this wonderful little puzzle game — "A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build" — is really hard to fit in a news headline. But it is indeed coming to Switch later this year, and here's why you should be terribly excited.

AGoodSnowman Screenshot 4

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build (henceforth known as AGSIHTB, because typing is hard) is a charming little Sokoban-style puzzle game with puzzle design from Alan Hazelden (AKA Draknek), art from Benjamin Davis (who also worked on Cosmic Express as a programmer), and music & sound design from Priscilla Snow (VERY APT).

You are a little blob person who wants to build snowmen, but — spoilers — they're kinda hard to build. You see, the snow spheres have to be stacked in size order — anyone who's had to do a similar thing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will understand — and you'll have to combine Towers of Hanoi puzzling with Sokoban puzzling to get the solution.

AGoodSnowman Animated Hug

It's totally worth it, though, because when the snowmen are finished, YOU GET TO HUG THEM. 10/10, GOTY.

AGSIHTB will come to Switch on the 2nd of September.