Worms Rumble, a title that takes the classic Worms formula and turns it into real-time online multiplayer combat, has now arrived as expected on Nintendo Switch eShop. With cross-platform multiplayer also live along with the game dropping on Xbox (it was already on PlayStation and PC) there should be plenty of players around.

It's worth noting that a free update has dropped alongside the launch on new platforms, adding a new Spaceport arena that you can check out at the top of the page.

In terms of multiplayer-focused battle games Worms Rumble has a lot of competition on Switch, though it'll aim to keep players interested with seasonal events and limited time modes.

We're planning a review for the game; it's currently $14.99USD / €14,99 for the standard edition, or $21.99USD / €21,99 for the Digital Deluxe version that throws in some DLC.

Is this on your radar?