As part of today's Guerrilla Collective stream, Wired Productions has released a brand new trailer for Arcade Paradise, which is set to launch on Switch later this year.

If you've not heard of this one before, the game has you playing as Ashley, who's just been given the keys to the family laundromat. As any respected individual would do, however, you decide to transform the laundromat into your very own arcade, choosing which games you want to install and then, well... Play them.

It's described as a '90s-fuelled retro arcade adventure, where you'll need to "stay one step ahead of your father, manage and invest profits, and build your very own Arcade Paradise." Check out the new video above to get a good look at its gameplay.

Arcade Paradise

Arcade Paradise was first revealed back in March as part of Wired Productions' Wired Direct. Hopefully we'll hear about a release date soon, but until then, let us know if you're keeping an eye on the game with a comment below.