If being a Pokémon Trading Card fan wasn't already difficult enough in recent times with global shortages, scalpers and skyrocketing prices of certain rares, the new V-Union cards might make it even harder to collect 'em all.

As explained by Serebii.net, this new "gimmick" requires players to collect all four cards to create one mega card - featuring up to eight different moves/abilities. Here's the full explanation, along with a look:

V-Union Cards allow for you to create bit powerful Pokémon cards with up to 8 different moves/abilities by pooling together 4 different cards from your discard pile and give 3 Prize Cards when defeated. You need all 4 cards in your discard pile in order to play them and you can only play one of each species in your deck and once per game.

The V-Union Cards revealed so far include Greninja, Zacian and Mewtwo. The first of the lot will be released as a special promo set on 20th August. What do you think of these mega-sized 4-in-1 cards? Leave a comment down below.

[source serebii.net]