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E3 2021 is finally over, and we're still digesting the ins-and-outs of all the announcements. Nintendo's Direct presentation offered a little something for everyone, from the return of smaller-scale fan favourites to fresh peeks at Breath of the Wild 2 (no proper title yet, though), not to mention A NEW 2D METROID COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE! Good times.

It's now time to unwind a little and discuss our weekend gaming plans. A few members of the Nintendo Life team have done just that below, so feel free to give our entries a read and then join in with your own via our comment section. Enjoy!

Editor's note: Don't like Metroid? Bit of a washout for you this week, I'm afraid. Sorry!...

Ryan Craddock, news editor

With all the Metroid Dread hype going around – especially within the Nintendo Life team's online chats – a few of us have realised we'd like nothing more than to revisit Metroid 1 through 4 to get ready for the big release later this year.

As such, I'm hoping to get some time with the original Metroid this weekend and will be cracking out the trusty NES Classic to do just that. I've never played it before and fear that it'll crush me, so part of me wishes I had a copy of its GBA remake, Zero Mission, to give me a more gentle experience. Still, I'm looking forward to finally giving the series a fair shake!

Thomas Whitehead, deputy editor

I barely played any games over the past week, for obvious reasons, so I plan to return to Golf Story again. It's charming, funny and extremely chilled out to play. I'm also going to pick up FAR: Lone Sails in the sale; I've been meaning to play it and the excellent E3 reveal of its upcoming sequel was a timely reminder.

As for whizz-bang 4K gaming I'll try again to go back to Resident Evil: Village. It's also possible I'll get out the Wii U for some Metroid: Zero Mission; yes, like many others I'm planning a 'lore run' through the games, albeit the best version of each game.

Jon Cartwright, video producer

Nintendo released a brand new Tetris 99 theme on Friday based around Miitopia so I'll of course have to spend a few rounds unlocking that — I'm not allowed to miss Tetris events otherwise the Tetris police come knocking.

I'm sure like others on the Nintendo Life team I've spent the entire week thinking about Metroid and I'm planning to replay the entire series. I actually finished the Famicom Disk System version of Metroid a few weeks ago so that's one crossed off, suppose it's time for Metroid II! I've played Samus Returns numerous times since it came out so this time I'll give some love to the Game Boy original.

Gonçalo Lopes, reviewer

E3 2021 came and went, with no news of the New Nintendo Switch in sight or everyone’s favourite Umbra Witch. Yet what was on display already saved the second half of this year for yours truly. Quite a few gems out on the eShop this week, especially if you’re a shmup fan: MushihimeSama is the first of several quality Cave shooters finally on the way to the Switch, Seicross remains a personal Nichibutsu favourite and Rangerdog is the best Parodius Konami never made. Dunk Lords wonderful Switch conversion puts NBA Playgrounds to shame from the get go. Hope to jump back into Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for the new DLC content while continuing The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past live streaming sessions.

Game of the week is Wrestling Empire. Again. Unprecedented and commendable free post-game support from the legendary Mat Dickie ensure there is never a dull moment in or outside the ring.

Gavin Lane, editor

This week I would mostly like to read the copy of Ask Iwata that's been sitting on my desk for weeks now, and another book unrelated to video games. That would be nice.

Also, catching up on the essential pre-Dread Metroid titles, of course:

Metroid Prime Federation Force
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Ollie Reynolds, reviewer

Hello folks! Hope you're all well. So, own up… Who else is playing a bunch of Metroid games this weekend? Well, this guy definitely is! ['Metroid', you say? Is that some sort of Igavanialike? - Ed]

After the announcement of Metroid Dread, I've gone back to the GBA to play through both Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion. Once I'm done, I'll move onto Metroid: Samus Returns before finishing with Super Metroid. Yes, I know it's completely out of order… I know, okay?!

Other than that, my journey through the Halo campaigns is almost at its end. I'm at the start of the divisive Halo 5: Guardians (a good game, in my opinion, just not a good Halo game), so I reckon I can polish it off this weekend. Have a good one, all!

PJ O'Reilly, reviewer

Hello. This weekend I’m gonna be blasting through a few different bits and pieces for review on Switch, including THQ’s revamped Destroy All Humans, but, if I manage to crowbar in a little chill time somewhere, I’ll be pulling out and dusting off all the old consoles and getting my emulators up and running for some retro Metroid action. I’m sure I’m not the only person planning to play through the series in chronological order in the wake of Metroid Dread’s surprise E3 reveal (and I may have got a little overexcited during that amazing trailer), I just wish the whole lot were more readily accessible on the current crop of Nintendo consoles to save me digging around in my absolute shambles of an attic.

Have a good weekend whatever you’re up to or playing!

Kate Gray, staff writer

This week I have been playing A TON of The House In Fata Morgana, and here's a sneak preview: I just got one of the eight endings. I think it's one of the "you messed up" endings, though, so there's a lot more game to get through.

I've also been playing Subnautica for the first time, after getting scared away when it first launched because all the fish tried to eat me, and it's pretty bloody great. Also, Chicory! I really hope Chicory comes to Switch some day!

Zion Grassl, video producer

After about 35 hours with the Paper Mario-esque Bug Fables, I finally finished off its final chapter earlier this week. So I was pretty pumped to flip through my backlog this weekend and pick something new to play, but with the way E3 swayed my heart, I’m pretty sure I just added more games to the pile. With the announcement and all of the hype surrounding Metroid Dread, I figured it’s finally time to give this series a shot!

Thankfully I already have Metroid: Samus Returns on my stack of shame, and I really haven’t played many of the other 2D Metroid games (I know, right?), so obviously I have to start with Zero Mission. I booted it up the other day and am making decent progress. However, I found out the hard way that the save battery in my cartridge is dead, so I’m keeping my GBA SP plugged in until Mother Brain bites the bullet!

As always, thanks for reading! Make sure to leave us a comment below with your gaming choices over the next few days...