It's Sonic the Hedgehog's 30th birthday tomorrow, which is pretty impressive, since it's around 8 times the usual lifespan of a hedgehog. But the big news isn't that Sonic is potentially immortal — it's that Sonic has been, er, "yeeted" into Minecraft.

Yes, the video game character famous for turning into a sphere and collecting circles has been recreated in Minecraft block form by Gamemode One Inc., and is ready to collect Chaos Emerald blocks and hang out with Tails, Shadow, Amy Rose, and Knuckles.

The Sonic/Minecraft collab is the latest DLC available for Minecraft, with all the Green Hills Zone levels and hidden secrets that you know and love from the Sonic series. And even better:

The Chao Garden is back.

Chao Garden

Could this be the "exciting news" that Sega was holding back earlier in the year? Well, it's either this or a full remake of Sonic Adventure 2 with extra Chao content, right...?