Sonic Colors
Image: SEGA

Sonic has now become a successful live-action movie star, and just last week, Sega teased its plans for the blue blur's 30th-anniversary celebrations with the return of Sonic Colors, Sonic Origins and the announcement of a completely new game.

So, how can Sega go even bigger? According to a report by CA Technology Group (as discovered by Sonic YouTuber Badnik Mechanic), Sega may have plans to revive its theme park business in several western locations around the world. If you're old enough, you might remember Sonic World.

The group has apparently entered into an MOU (a non-legally binding agreement) with another partner to select a location for a UK launch "within approximately half a year" and then explore the possibility of more theme parks in places like Europe and North America.

A story about the report from the news site The Standard provides some more information:

"CA SEGA JOYPOLIS is an indoor amusement park operated by CA SEGA JOYPOLIS, which opened in Yokohama. Japan There are hit rides such as the Gekion Live Coaster, the giant halfpipe swing, the Wild River The Treasure Hunt, and the state-of-the-art simulator that offers a fun 3D, 4D and VR experience. Another kind of fun.

"Currently, CA SEGA JOYPOLIS has been dominating the hearts of Japanese people for over 27 years, with branches in Japan, China and plans to expand to Europe, America and Australia. in the near future"

As noted by the same YouTuber, these reported plans for theme park expansion may have already been teased a number of years ago by Sega of America's CEO and Sega's company president.

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