Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo Life

With reports that Nintendo is due to announce a new model of the Nintendo Switch any day now, it's unsurprising that any tiny piece of info relating to fresh hardware is being leapt upon by certain sections of the gaming community.

One such example is a new ad released by US retailer GameStop, which is encouraging people to trade in systems to earn extra credit to spend in-store. The odd thing here is that GameStop uses the name "New Nintendo Switch":

GameStop Trade-in
Image: GameStop

While many people (ourselves included) have been informally referring to the rumoured Switch upgrade as the "Switch Pro", "New Nintendo Switch" would arguably make more sense, as Nintendo has used that branding for its New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS hardware refreshes.

However, in this case, it seems to be a mistake on GameStop's part rather than an accidental reveal of the new variant. For example, the console is also referred to as the plain old "Nintendo Switch" elsewhere in the advert. An image of the existing Switch is shown in the ad, as well. While GameStop refers to the Switch as 'v1 and v2', these terms are related to the original model and the revision with improved battery life, which came out in 2019.

It would seem that the 'new' in 'New Nintendo Switch' has been capitalised accidentally, because what GameStop is offering here is in-store bonus cash when people exchange their old consoles for a 'new' Switch, Switch Lite or Xbox Series X/S system.

Another obvious reason to discount this as a grammatical goof is the fact that the promotion runs from the 13th to the 19th, and today is the 14th, yet there's still no official announcement from Nintendo. That could well change today or tomorrow, of course, but we still highly doubt that GameStop is dropping any hints here.

Forbes has stated that it has spoken to GameStop store staff and been told the following:

I was told a number of stores were getting in new shipments of current Nintendo Switches this Tuesday, hence the promotion, and this does not have to do with a new model coming. So no, this does not in fact seem to be revealing anything other than shipment refresh.

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