Diddy Kong One Cent
Image: VolksDK

Well, here's a story to fill your random Nintendo ephemera quota for the day: someone has micro-engraved Diddy Kong onto a 1 cent coin. You know, as you do.

As shown off by @VolksDK on Twitter, a friend (later identified in the Twitter thread) used a process known as 'ion milling' which apparently strips layers of atoms and enables you to engrave incredibly tiny things on objects of your choosing — things that look like a mere speck to the naked eye.

While doing important lab work or engraving your belongings with identifying markings might be what some people would choose to do with one of these marvellous machines, it seems that @allypaca13 wanted to pay tribute to their favourite Kong instead. We're assuming that's the case, because why would anyone choose a wrong Kong for this sort of thing when Diddy is obviously the best candidate, right? Right?

Observe the following pics as we zoom in on ol' Honest Abe's right shoulder to find the Diddiest of Kongs...

"Why would you do this?" you might ask, to which we would counter with "Why wouldn't you do this?".

Well, there's almost certainly some 'ye olde' law pertaining to defacing currency, but if you're looking for ways to ever-so-subtly enhance the stuff you have jangling around in your pockets, we can't think of anything we'd like more than a micro-etched Diddy Kong. A micro-etched Funky Kong, perhaps. Dixie at a push. Kiddy is right out, though.

There's a rumour that Nintendo EPD is working on a secret Donkey Kong game, so we're pleased to see Diddy keeping good company in the meantime. We're big fans of Diddy, you see. In fact, our intrepid video team decided to rank all the Kongs a while back, so if you're interested to find exactly how highly he ranks in our esteem — or if you've got an hour to kill and want to fill it with Kongs for some ungodly reason — check out the video below:

Diddy on a penny, eh? Let us know where else you'd be pleasantly surprised to find a Diddy below.