Miles Edgeworth as a child
Image: Peegion Photography / Capcom

Ace Attorney fans will hopefully remember the heartwarming story of how prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, defense attorney Phoenix Wright, and loveable idiot Larry Butz all became friends. It began with a simple crime in a classroom, for which Wright was blamed, and which Edgeworth acted as his lil baby defense attorney; it ended with the former two becoming lawyers, and Larry Butz becoming a womanising nuisance.

The "Class Trial", as it became known, was recounted in the series as a pivotal moment for Edgeworth and Wright, and told through hazy, sunshiney vignettes. It's these vignettes that were faithfully recreated by three cosplayers a few years ago.

In the photos, taken by Peegion Photography, Phoenix Wright is played by Mangalover93, Larry Butz is played by fluffyduckyp, and Miles Edgeworth is played by Cephal_Xin. All three put extra effort into creating the outfits with the appropriate amount of effort for their characters: "Miles sewed the entire costume from scratch for accuracy, Phoenix drew the T-shirt design and printed it, and as Larry I opened my cupboard and took out a singlet and shorts," says fluffyduckyp on Reddit.

Despite their youthful looks, all three cosplayers were actually all in their mid-twenties when the photos were taken. "Our average height is 4'11"," says fluffyduckyp. "In real life, I still get student discounts automatically, depending on how I'm dressed."

Honestly, considering that Ace Attorney deems anyone over 30 to be ancient, we're not surprised to find out that kids in high school are also not the age you expect.