Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony
Image: @Exant64

Whether you're a fan of mods or not, they've become a big part of a lot of video game communities over the years. Some companies even choose to embrace and channel fan creativity.

We heard recently how Sega is still cool with Sonic fan games (in most cases) - as long as projects aren't monetized, and it seems for the recent Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony, it borrowed a Chao Camera mod made by Sonic Adventure 2 modder Exant:

As you can see, Exant was overjoyed to see the mod featured during the anniversary symphony. The mod was featured during the intermission of the two-hour live stream. Below is what it looked like in action (see it around the 1:06:00 mark in the video):

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Sega openly embrace Sonic mod community like this. Perhaps the most famous case was the release of Sonic Mania, which was directed and developed by Christian Whitehead. He originally got his start making Sonic fan games before porting Sonic CD to mobile devices.

Did you notice this during the Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony livestream? Would you like to see more companies embrace the modding community? Leave a comment down below.