We've seen a fair few stories like this over the years, where a young Nintendo sends in a letter to request a specific new game or to submit their own development idea and actually gets a response. Nintendo of America's Customer Service team seems to have the whole thing nailed down, often sending sweet replies and making the kid's day that bit brighter, and sometimes helping them to develop an even closer connection with Nintendo for years to come.

Initially posted last week, a tweet showcasing a similar story has been going viral over the past few days. Twitter user @PleaseBeGneiss explains that their child sent a letter to Nintendo to ask for the inclusion of non-binary Pokémon.

"Dear Nintendo," the child's letter reads. "Could you please make non-binary Pokémon? Also I want that because I think it would be cool and so non-binary people would feel more comfortable about it."

You can see that initial letter in the second tweet below, but here's Nintendo's response; sent out by Nintendo Consumer Service Rep, Liz Daniels, the message thanks the young fan for writing in and for their "awesome idea", saying that "we want to make sure people of all kinds feel welcomed and comfortable while playing our software."

To top things off, Nintendo's representative says that they'll send the feedback to the appropriate departments to "review and thoughtfully consider" the request, and also included some special goodies as a gift.

Of course, we all know that the development teams at Nintendo – or in this case, The Pokémon Company and Game Freak – will continue to make games without being influenced too much by fan requests, but the gesture's very welcome all the same. Nice work, Nintendo reps!

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