Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo

Not only will we be seeing the return of Samus very soon but also MercurySteam - the same Spanish studio behind Metroid: Samus Returns on the 3DS. Metroid Dread Producer, Yoshio Sakamoto, recently noted how this team is "extremely talented", technically skilled, and has an "incredible understanding" of Metroid games.

It seems the Spanish-based studio is also rather impressive when it comes to attention to detail - with eagle-eyed fans discovering how the famous intergalactic bounty hunter will hold onto a wall in Metroid Dread to help her balance while shooting her arm cannon:

The reaction to this eventually got the attention of one of the senior gameplay/player programmers at MercurySteam - who was glad to see fans had spotted the small detail. The developer's post about this has since blown up - with over 18K Likes.

@MetanoKid: "They noticed...Okay, this blew up! Inmensely thankful for your kind words everyone! We're feeling your love"

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