Fortnite is a bundle of memes and dances taken from TikTok, so let's take a look at what this latest alien-themed season has brought us, because it's no doubt something timely and trendy, like... Ska? Huh. Okay!

Well, actually, ska is experiencing somewhat of a revival. Drawing its inspiration from the original ska music, which is all about loud, vibrant brass, upbeat songs with staccato guitars, and the behind-the-beat style of Jamaican Dancehall, there's now a new bunch of ska artists on the scene. This would be the "fourth wave", with the third wave happening in the '90s — think pop-punk-tinged ska, like No Doubt, Less Than Jake, and Reel Big Fish.

Ska has always been tuned in to the political landscape, whether it's The Specials singing about urban decay or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones singing about women's health clinics, so it's no surprise that it's experiencing renewed interest today, and that Fortnite is jumping on the bandwagon with its "Ska-Stra-Terrestrial" emote, which makes the characters perform the "skank" dance well-known in ska circles.

The Fortnite ska dance is performed to a song that appears to be an original called "Sunny's Song", which is all about wanting to see and/or be aliens. It's pretty damn catchy, but the lyrics are kinda dark:

"I know they're coming here to make friends with the human race
I want to meet them and to greet them and take my place on their flying ship
In the sky
Take me away from this world that I despise"

Many of us probably learned about ska and ska-adjacent music through Tony Hawk games and Crazy Taxi, so here's a question: Would you love more ska in games? Or is the Fortnite ska dance plenty enough ska for the time being?

More ska in games?