Image: Nintendo

When Nintendo tweeted a photo of the Game Boy Advance to celebrate the console's 20th birthday, it probably didn't realise that it would trigger a fan theory which had a few people expecting a big announcement this week.

Reddit user Enryx25 (original post now deleted) kicked off proceedings after gazing at the tweet below and suggesting that Nintendo might have something to announce. Why? Well, because the screenshot on the Game Boy Advance shows Super Mario Advance World 1-1 with life count of 96 and a score of 1222360, of course!

Enryx25 discovered that by rearranging the score, it's possible to get the date 23/6/2021. By swapping out 2021 with 96 – the number of lives Mario has in reserve – Enryx25 got 23/6/96, the day that the Nintendo 64 was released in Japan.

This rather random sleuthing led the Reddit user to suspect that Nintendo had something planned for the 23rd of this week, but the theory was soon shot down in the most unlikely of ways.

Another Reddit user pointed out that the screenshot used in the tweet actually dates from 2001. It first appeared in an issue of UK publication Game Boy Xtreme Magazine. Nintendo seems to have pulled that particular screen from its archives for use in this tweet – nothing more.

Sometimes, the numbers just don't add up – no matter how much you want them to.