Metroid Dread

The prospect of Metroid Dread's upcoming launch has fans of Samus' 35-year-old series super-excited, but sadly – and surprising no one – scalpers have already arrived on the scene to ruin everyone's day.

As you may know, the game's being treated to a Special Edition release which comes with extra physical goodies, as well as an amiibo double pack which is sold separately. amiibo can be hard enough to secure at the best of times with pre-orders often selling out fast, and we've seen a number of stores already sell out of the Special Edition, too.

A quick look on eBay confirms everyone's worst fears – yes, scalpers have seemingly hoovered up plenty of the stock for themselves, all in a bid to sell them on at a higher price to desperate fans who missed out buying directly from a retailer. It's a sadly common event, but that doesn't make it any less sickening to see.

Metroid eBay

Naturally, we'd urge you to avoid giving in and handing your money over to people trying to make a quick profit if you can. We're keeping on top of legitimate pre-order options for both the Special Edition and amiibo here, and it's not uncommon for retailers to offer up more stock nearer to release as they learn more about their unit allocation.

As you might imagine, this process of pre-ordering an item to sell it on at an increased price goes against eBay's rules, and offending accounts can be reported here.

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