It's no surprise that a number of new developers target the Switch as their console debut, with the hybrid system attracting Indie fans. Another that's quite eye-catching is Induction, developed by Bryan Gale.

It's a title that opts for clean visuals and shapes, bringing a title like EDGE to mind. It once featured on the Indie Megabooth at PAX East, has been well-received on Steam and has a soundtrack by Tim Shiel - their previous work includes The Gardens Between. Induction's key feature is that its 56 puzzles will incorporate time travel in their mechanics and solutions.

The description below sets the scene.

Induction’s minimalist visuals and meditative soundtrack disguise a deceptively rich inner logic that allows you to explore the paradoxical consequences of time travel. Its puzzles will guide you through a series of temporal epiphanies - first asking you to simply jump through time and cooperate with your past self, then ultimately asking you to rewire how you think about cause and effect.

Induction is the abstracted essence of the best of time travel fiction, capturing the vertiginous feeling of boundaries between past, present and future falling away.

It looks rather intriguing; it arrives on the eShop on 14th July priced at $8.99USD, though it'll also have a 30% discount on pre-orders.

Are you tempted to pick this up?