In August 2019, the super brutal Hotline Miami Collection got a bit of a surprise release on the Nintendo Switch.

Special Reserve Games followed this up with a two-in-one physical release in 2020. If you didn't manage to get hold of a hard copy last year, the good news is there'll soon be a more widely available release.

As spotted by Nintendo Everything, retailer listings have started popping up on websites like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. The physical version of the collection also includes double-sided artwork and a 30 page booklet:

Hotline Miami Collection

If you've not played Hotline Miami yet, what are you waiting for? When it landed in 2019, we said it was one of the most addictive and rewarding experiences you can play - awarding it eight out of ten stars.

Physical copies of the Hotline Miami Collection will return on 16th July for $29.99 and pre-orders are now available. Would you be interested in adding this one to your collection? Have you already secured a copy? Tell us down below.