E3 week not only brought a range of big reveals and showcases, but a heck of a lot of Indie action as well. One game that emerged earlier this week that's perhaps worth a look is GLITCHED, an RPG that takes a slightly different route with its storytelling. It'll make its debut on Steam this year, before landing on Switch and other systems in early 2022.

Developed by En House Studios and published by Digerati, it promises "a wild RPG full of fourth-wall breaking fun".

GLITCHED follows the story of Gus, an average NPC thrown into the role of hero when the appearance of mysterious glitches threatens the existence of his video game world. As he sets out on his adventure, he becomes aware of an invisible presence – you, the player!

With a vast world to explore, a myriad of secrets to discover, hundreds of characters to meet, countless choices to make, thousands of lines of dialogue, and the chance for player and character to form a deep bond, GLITCHED offers an extensive and immersive RPG experience.

It's been in the works in some form for a number of years, with the idea first hitting lead developer Nikko Koruna when experimenting in Computer Programming 101 in High School. Experiments in those early days gave them the idea of a lead character that consistently talks to and addresses the player, with the 'glitched' aesthetic being important to both the setting and the story.

It looks rather charming to us, so may be one to keep an eye on as we head into next year. Let us know what you think in the comments.