We've seen a lot of games inspired by the Pokémon series pop up over the past few years, and now a new one has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Introducing Coromon by Freedom Games and TRAGsoft. In a nutshell, it's a modern monster taming game with retro pixel art, an "immersive" storyline, strategic turn-based combat and dungeons featuring challenging puzzles and epic Titans. Here's the story:

"In the region of Velua where Humans and Coromon live in harmony, a shady organization is on the verge of releasing a dark power upon the world. Will they succeed in their evil plans, or can they still be stopped?

"Step into the role of a young hero joining the technologically advanced organisation of Lux Solis. Gather your favorite Coromon to create a powerful squad. Together with your Coromon, you'll have to train, fight and puzzle your way through an adventure-filled world!"

It's expected to show up on the Switch in Q1 2022 and will contain more than 120+ animated Coromon, who live in the region of Velua. The trailer above provides a better look at everything else on offer.


If you're curious to see what this game is like, there's a demo available to download over on Steam. The developer and publisher of Coromon also has a "very special announcement" to make next week on 14th June, so keep an eye out for that.

Would you be interested in this upcoming Switch release? Leave a comment down below.

[source nintendoenthusiast.com]