Announced for Switch in the August 2020 Nintendo Indie World Showcase, top-down action-RPG Garden Story is confirmed to be bringing its green fingers to Switch in 'Summer 2021'. Hang on, we're practically in 'Summer 2021' right now — it can't be far away!

As revealed in the Day of the Dev's livestream immediately following the Summer Game Fest Kickoff show, developer Picrogram's new trailer (above) gave us a longer look at the game which sees you taking on the role of a cute grape called Concord. An evil (well, probably) entity known only as Rot is apparently creeping over the retro-flavoured island and it's up to the young grape to defend it by growing things, harvesting resources, and — when absolutely necessary — giving the encroaching baddies a sound thrashing and saving the island community.

The trailer above looks like just a calming antidote to all the fighty-fighty bloody-bloody games that dominate the big shows, and we have to say we're a little bit taken with its gameplay; seemingly a mix of old-school Zelda with a dash of farm sim.

Here's some wholesome official blurb and a handful of screenshots to warm your cockles if the trailer wasn't enough for you:

Between adventures, take the time to talk to other Greenlings living in The Grove. Who knows? Concord just might unlock a cherished Memory along the way. More than 48 Memories hidden throughout the world empower the young Guardian, granting them stat boosts like extra Health, Run Speed, Luck, and more.

Relax in a rustic world rendered in wholesome pixel art. Settle into the cozy island with a score incorporating warm acoustic instruments and catchy synth elements. Grow as a Guardian each day and fight the foes threatening the peace, but never forget the true goal: cultivating love and confidence wherever Concord goes.

Think this promising sprout will blossom into a tasty fruit this summer? Let us know below.