We rather enjoyed 2D platformer Wunderling when we reviewed it back in March 2020. Coming from Retroid Interactive, the game puts you in the shoes not of a hero, but of a lowly underling goomba-type — the sort of low level goon Mario would squish in World 1-1. This particular underling is granted the ability to jump, though.

Wunderling charmed us last year and it has recently been patched with the free 'Kohlrabi's Ruin' update. We haven't been able to check it out just yet, but we're told it includes a whole new world (a new fantastic point of view), 15 new levels (plus 3 hidden ones), some new costume pieces, and what is described as a "stunning conclusion to the saga". Yep, we'll take all that for nowt thank-you-very-much.

Check out the trailer above for a look at what the update offers. If you're still wondering about the game, we said in our review that "Wunderling proves itself to be an incredibly addictive platformer that boasts excellent level design, brilliant writing, and adorable visuals". Certainly worthy of investigation if you're after a platformer that's a bit different.

The original reveal trailer below gives you a flavour of the base game, too, if you can handle two trailers in the same article, that is:

Have you caught up with this little eShop gem? Let us know below if you'll be checking out the new update.