Zelda amiibo Loftwing

The newly-revealed Zelda & Loftwing amiibo releasing alongside The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a thing of beauty, but its announcement has already endured its fair share of criticism.

Yesterday, we found out that the figure will cost more than your average amiibo, retailing for $24.99 rather than the usual $15.99. That might be enough of an issue to price some fans out on its own, but the figure has also come under fire for essentially serving as a way for Nintendo to lock a desirable and improved in-game feature behind an expensive – and limited – paywall.

Now, with thanks to the folks at Miketendo64, it's come to our attention that the new figure will be the only amiibo that works with Skyward Sword HD on Switch. The Legend of Zelda series boasts no fewer than 19 amiibo figures in total – including a version of Link as he appears in Skyward Sword, no less – yet Nintendo has seemingly decided that you must buy the new figure to enjoy the new quality-of-life improvement.

Skyward Sword Link amiibo
Sadly, your Skyward Sword Link amiibo won't work with Skyward Sword HD.

Why can't we use the Skyward Sword Link figure in the very game it was based upon? Why would you opt to render other Zelda amiibo useless for the new game, when past Zelda titles have offered more compatability across the range?

We'll let you figure this one out in the comments.

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