Did you catch this during the broadcast?
Did you catch this during the broadcast?

Earlier this week, Sega held the first ever 'Sonic Central' broadcast. During the live stream, it announced the return of Sonic Colors, Sonic Origins, and a brand new game from the Sonic Team, arriving in 2022.

In between all of this, there were a few smaller teasers, but one you might have missed is the announcement of a collaboration between Sonic the Hedgehog and Minecraft. You can see this at around the 3:48 mark in the broadcast.

Apart from the brief clip showing a giant block build of Sonic, you can also hear and see a Minecraft chicken at the bottom of the shot. According to the voice-over, this collab is one of many that we should be hearing more about throughout the year:

"Stay tuned for more information on future collaborations throughout the year."

While nothing else has been shown or mentioned about this so far, it's likely to be a skin pack or various other Sonic-themed content for Mojang's insane popular survival crafting game. It could perhaps be similar to what we saw with the Super Mario mash-up pack.

You can read more about some of the smaller announcements during Sonic Central in our previous post. Did you catch this Minecraft X Sonic tease during the broadcast? Leave a comment down below.