Yesterday brought us the first Sonic Central broadcast, which was very short and focused - quite a turnaround from the chaotic presentations of the past. It was arguably lacking pizazz and humour, however, the qualities normally associated with Sonic's social media escapades.

In any case, while we covered the big announcements there were a few we skipped past, as the stream had come at the end of a rather long day. But fear not, here are three more announcements from the show that may be of some interest to us Switch gamers.

First, it was announced that there'll be a Virtual Symphony performance of iconic Sonic tracks; it'll take place on Sonic's birthday - 23rd June - and will also have guest appearances from the likes of Crush40. It'll be free to watch and apparently it'll be part of Summer Game Fest.

Sonic Tokyo Olympics.JPG
Image: SEGA

Next up there's a quirky option in the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game to play as Sonic or, well, as a person dressed in a Sonic outfit; the game's out on 22nd June. Sure, why not.

Maybe something a little cooler is coming to Two Point Hospital on 30th July, which will also be free. Various Sonic outfits, items and furniture are coming to the quirky sim, and they look like they could be fun.

That pretty much wraps up the notable reveals from Sonic Central. Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments!