In the Wii era Sonic and SEGA were truly best buddies with Nintendo, and a rather good game that came out of that era was Sonic Colors; today, in its Sonic Central broadcast, SEGA confirmed Sonic Colors: Ultimate, which is heading to Switch on 7th September.

Sonic Colors (main title on Wii, with a version also on DS) arrived way back in 2010, and its impact was such that we even described it as 'the best 3D Sonic game ever' while awarding it 9/10. It avoided much of the silly storytelling and characters of previous 3D Sonic titles, while introducing Wisps and varied neat abilities for Sonic to learn.

In terms of the Remaster, SEGA showed a trailer (above) that showcased visuals that are looking snappy with a HD sheen; there don't appear to be any major additions beyond improved visuals, however.

Are you excited about Sonic Colors Ultimate on Switch?