Super Mario 64 never claimed that it was a realistic rendition of a castle, but still, we have to wonder — why are so many rooms in Peach's Castle empty? Why does she have a massive basement, but no bedroom? Did she ask her architect to include a bunch of long corridors, and forget to install a bathroom?

Peachs Castle Minecraft
Image: Gaming Reinvented
Peachs Castle Night
Image: Gaming Reinvented

The inclusion of everyday facilities was probably not the main goal for Gaming Reinvented, a group of builders making a video game-themed server in Minecraft, but they've nevertheless filled their interpretation of Princess Toadstool's abode with actually useful rooms. Peach has a walk-in closet, several bedrooms, and even what looks like a cafeteria for all of her household Toad servants.

WAAAAAAAAAA (Image: Gaming Reinvented)

And, yes, there's a secret Wario room. Don't ask questions.

But Minecraft Peach's Castle, apart from being very practical for all of Peach's needs, is also just lovely to look at. The images and trailer are clearly using a shader pack to make it look that good, but the way the sunlight streams in through the windows makes us wish we lived in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Peachs Castle Garden
Image: Gaming Reinvented
Peachs Castle Exterior
Image: Gaming Reinvented
Castle Foyer
Image: Gaming Reinvented

You may remember Gaming Reinvented from when we covered their blocky recreation of Tarrey Town, so you'll be delighted to know that Tarrey Town is actually in Peach's back garden. Seriously! Just head through the greenhouse, across the bridge, and there you have it: now you're in Link's world.

The server is available for anyone to access — just join their Discord — and includes references to other Super Mario games, from Super Mario Sunshine to the DS remake of Super Mario 64. There's even a competition to find all 80 Blitties (from Bowser's Inside Story) hidden around the place, with a prize of $120 for the first person to photograph them all.

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