Image: Nintendo

If you're a fan of Nintendo's purple mischief-maker Waluigi, there's not all that much to be excited about right now.

We guess that's why his followers on social media are so happy about the latest render of him that's popped up in this week's episode of Nintendo Minute.

As our resident render expert Jon Cartwright notes, Waluigi's tongue and curves are on full display. Here's a look:

In somewhat related news, Nintendo has also released new renders of a number of characters from the upcoming release, Mario Golf: Super Rush. You can see more over on the game's official website.

These latest renders follow on from similar news last month, when it was discovered Nintendo had updated the Mario Party DS render of Diddy Kong with fur.

What do you think of all these new renders? Like the new Waluigi one? Leave a comment down below.

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