Terry and Lucas - Nintendo Life IMG

Over the past month, there have been quite a few stories about Mother 3. You see, the Game Boy Advance title recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and it's still not been released outside of Japan.

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé even teased fans about an English copy of the game, and now, to add to all of this - US actor, comedian, and former NFL player Terry Crews is calling for Nintendo to localise this cult hit. Terry is known to be quite the gamer.

As nice as it is to have some celebrity support, admittedly this all seems like an uphill battle. As previously suggested, the localisation was supposedly cancelled due to its controversial aspects.

For those that can't wait any longer, you might be interested to know that the fan translation patch was recently updated. You can read more about it on our previous post.

Do you think Nintendo will ever localise Mother 3? Have you played the Japanese version of the game? Tell us down below.

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