Nintendo Marriage
Image: Nintendo

We are gathered here today for our daily dose of wholesome Nintendo content. Japanese Twitter was all abuzz yesterday as a celebrity bride and groom began a life of matrimonial bliss and "Nintendo-kon" started trending. What does it all mean? How is this related to Nintendo? Is this a new Joy-Con controller or console or something?!?!

Err, no. Obviously not. As noted by Kotaku, the two newlyweds in question — singer Gen Hoshino and actor Yui Aragaki — have both appeared in recent Nintendo commercials in the company's homeland, and "Nintendo-kon" translates as "Nintendo marriage". Yes, it's two beautiful Nintendo-y people tying the knot, not some new extension of the Labo Toy-Con series.

The couple apparently met on the set of a television series several years ago and love evidently blossomed — possibly helped on by a shared love for all things Nintendo. Hey, all those couch co-op games bring people together, right?

If you're not familiar with their work, you might remember Hoshino as the artist Nintendo brought in to celebrate Super Mario's 35th anniversary last year with a TV spot featuring his song "Create". Aragaki has featured in various ads for Ring Fit Adventure and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the official Japanese website of the latter features her (and her cat) prominently, too.

So there we are — a little boost to go towards your quota of feelgood content for the day. We took a look at a selection of the finest (and most dreadful) western Nintendo commercials a while back, so feel free to peruse those at your leisure if you're having a quiet Thursday. Beyonce plays DS in one of them. Good times.