Super Mario 35th Anniversary Japan TV Spot
Image: Nintendo

A series of thirty-second Japanese TV spots have been put together advertising Mario's 35th anniversary and the recently-announced collection of his 3D adventures, Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The clips are now up on the company's YouTube channel and we've assembled them below for your enjoyment.

Each title in the collection gets its own spot showing players enjoying the game in and around their homes, as well as a more general, celebratory (and musical) commercial for the plumber's 35th anniversary. We particularly enjoy the Super Mario Sunshine one, which shows a man failing at the game multiple times. Who can't relate to that? Some of those shines are mighty tricky.

Check out the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary TV spot here:

And then there's the Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy TV spots at the start of this vid (followed by various international versions):

Is all this Super Mario love getting you right there, in the feels? Let us know your favourite spot with a comment below.