The official Nintendo Switch dock is fine and all, but what if you could shove your console into a mega-sized Game Boy Advance SP?

YouTube channel CASS Designs has shared a new video which shows off exactly that – a custom-made dock inspired by Nintendo's classic handheld system. It's 3D-printed and comes complete with a d-pad and face buttons to finish off the look (although these are purely cosmetic).

It actually doubles up as a way to store your extra bits and bobs like Joy-Con and games, as the bottom of the SP serves as a tray to keep everything nice and safe. Handy gaps on the side of the screen mean that you can attach your Joy-Con to your Switch just like you would with the official dock, allowing you to slide the console in and out as you like.

Switch Dock GBA SP
Image: CASS Designs

We've seen a number of cool fan-made docks in the past – like that time someone transformed an old, broken NES to house their Switch, and the custom Super Mario Odyssey-themed creation we shared a few years back – so we're happy to add this one to the list.

What do you think? Do you love the GBA enough to want one of these for yourself? Tell us in the usual place.