Donkey Kong 64

Emulation might be a bit controversial, but (like it or not) it's arguably played a crucial role in gaming over the past two decades.

Beyond fan-made projects and attempts to preserve long-forgotten releases, developers and publishers have also made use of emulators to revive certain releases.

With this in mind, the most popular (and free to download) Nintendo 64 emulator, Project64, just turned 20 years old. While you wouldn't suspect there to be a celebration for something like this, after a number of years, the build has been updated from Version 2.3.2 to Version 3.0.0.

Interestingly, there have been a few fixes to make some games (like Donkey Kong 64) run better, and the emulator now supports the graphics plugin, GLideN64. Here's the full rundown, courtesy of PCGamesN:

"Project64 3.0 adds GLideN64 support, and the option to make it your default plugin, as well as new audio and input plugins, The cheat system has been revamped, saves now conveniently live in their own director, there are fixes for issues with Donkey Kong 64 and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine."

According to the developer, the plan now is to continue making "a lot of huge the code base of project64", which will slowly lead up to Version 4.0.

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