Mega Man may have made his name on the NES, but one of the rarest and most desirable products to showcase his moniker isn't on a Nintendo system, but a Sega one.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars (AKA: Rockman Mega World in Japan) arrived in 1994 but was only released physically in Europe and Japan; in North America, it was exclusive to the Sega Channel cable service.

Today, the price of the European and Japanese editions are sky-high, but thankfully Retro-Bit has secured the rights to republish the game along with a bunch of goodies, including an interchangeable sleeve, poster and sticker collection. The game itself will come on a transparent blue cartridge, which houses a 5-volt chip, battery-backup, gold-plated contacts, and bevelled insert points.

The Wily Wars contains the first three Mega Man games released on the NES (as well as an all-new unlockable game) but features updated visuals and sound. If you purchased the Mega Drive Mini, then you'll know it was included as part of that console's library of games.

Pre-orders for Retro-Bit's reprint open at 10 AM ET on May 21st and run until June 21st. The game will cost $69.99 / €69,99. Let us know if you'll be laying down the cash by posting a comment below.

MMWW CE2 Collection