Switch And Switch Lite
Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo's freshly released yearly financial report has various interesting details, and in terms of the Nintendo Switch there's confirmation of another major milestone. With total sales of the Switch family now sitting at 84.59 million, it's passed the lifetime total of Game Boy Advance (81.5 million).

It's another notable leap, and Nintendo shifted 28.83 million Switch units over the last year.

All of this means Switch is currently Nintendo's fourth best-selling console, behind the Wii (101.6 million), Game Boy (118.7 million), and DS (154 million).

As mentioned last time out with financial results, the phenomenal sales of the Switch should be considered in the context that it's a hybrid device, covering both the home console and portable markets for Nintendo. Of course, as we've seen, consolidating all of its hardware efforts into one family of systems has been hugely profitable for the company.

Those hardware sales, meanwhile, represented a jump from 21.03 million, the figure for the financial year that ended in March 2020. As a result it's a new high for the system, which is unsurprising considering the increased demand that the pandemic drove for the broader gaming industry; of that figure, 20.32 million were the standard Switch model, while 8.51 million Switch Lite consoles were sold.

As for next year, the company is targeting 25.5 million hardware sales, a drop that may reflect a decline in broader sales as the global pandemic eases in various territories. Nintendo has also cited "the procurement of parts, including the increase in global demand for semiconductor components" as a potential issue that could affect production.

It's still a bold figure, so of course that'll lead to speculation around major game releases and potentially a 'Nintendo Switch Pro' iteration, but Nintendo has made no announcements on either prospect as yet.

So there you have it, another monster year for Switch. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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