Pokemon Snap Happy
Image: Nintendo

New Pokémon Snap seems to have gone down rather well since its launch, largely vindicating those that had called for a sequel to the N64 classic for a number of years. When you combine Pokémon, Nintendo Switch and some rather handsome representations of everyone's favourite pocket monsters, you have a winning formula.

Early sales data in the UK has been positive, with the release easily taking number one in the retail charts and outperforming a range of other notable titles. All of this only accounts for physical copy sales of course, not including eShop downloads.

Now GamesIndustry.biz head Christopher Dring has shared an interesting statistic that shows us two things; April was a pretty dry month for game retail, and New Pokémon Snap had impressive and quick sales in just two days.

It may be a little while before we hear official global sales details from Nintendo, as the release will be too late to feature in the upcoming financial reports - unless Nintendo throws in a 'copies shipped' figure as an extra bit of data.

In any case, the early impressions are that it's selling rather well.