Update [Sat 29th May, 2021 02:00 BST]: GRAVEN went into early access on Steam this week, and to celebrate 3D Realms has released a new trailer. This spiritual successor to Hexen II is scheduled to arrive on the Switch at some point this year.

Original article [Sun 6th Sep, 2020 11:00 BST]:

Remember the 1997 FPS Hexen II? Well, here's its spiritual successor, GRAVEN - coming to Switch next year.

The game premiered this weekend at Realms Deep 2020 - 3D Realms' digital weekend celebrating all-things FPS. It combines the Hexen series' dark-fantasy gameplay with action-adventure.

You'll take up the mantle of a disgraced Priest in a medieval world where all sorts of monstrosities roam free, as you root out the heretics corrupting the brotherhood and help commoners with their woes.

There are more than 30 upgradable weapons and spells, three expansive open-ended regions and you can even team up with a friend in split-screen co-op, or form a party of four online.

Here's the full press release along with some screenshots and an extended look:

GRAVEN delves into a gruesome medieval world of deities and monstrosities as a disgraced Priest of the Orthogonal Order. When a heretical member of the Order sacrifices the Priest’s adoptive daughter, the Priest lethally retaliates in a bout of righteous fury. Tried and found guilty by his brothers and now exiled to the burning sands, he closes his eyes for one last prayer, for peace. The Creator speaks to him directly: “You will have to earn your peace.”

Heed the Creator by hunting down the foul heretical sects responsible for conjuring plagues and twisting the natural order of the seasons. Blending action, exploration, and puzzle-solving, GRAVEN takes cues from classic shooters, immersive sims, and action RPGs alike. Journey across three expansive, open-ended regions, and scour the lands to purge evil.

Carefully observe a reactive world to find the way: with a journal, the player drives the exploration instead of following waypoints. Listen to townsfolks’ woes and slay the monsters responsible for their torment. Banish over thirty distinct enemies from plagued madmen to swamp beasts with powerful sorceries such as wild blasts of lightning and scorching rays of flame. Solve environmental puzzles with those same powers, altering the world with spells.

Wield destructive conventional weaponry, including magic staves and wrist-mounted crossbows. Find hidden gold to upgrade weapons and spells at blacksmiths and alchemists. Return to previously-plundered areas with new abilities to uncover secrets and entirely new areas. With more than 30 weapons and spells, GRAVEN encourages experimentation. Play solo, with one friend in split-screen co-op, or even in a party of four online for complete arcane chaos.


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