Update [Wed 12th May, 2021 04:55 BST]: Following on from last week's teaser, First 4 Figures has now officially revealed its Mumbo Jumbo statue and a Crocodile Banjo one. Pre-orders are now live on the official F4F website.

The Mumbo Jumbo statue will be available as a standard and exclusive edition. Crocodile Banjo can be purchased by himself or in a combo with Mumbo Jumbo. Here's the full rundown, including the current early bird sale price which ends on 26th May:

BANJO-KAZOOIE – MUMBO JUMBO (STANDARD EDITION) - USD $582.99 (early bird price: $533.49)

Mumbo Jumbo is often found seated on his chair inside the Mumbo Skull hut, waiting for Banjo-Kazooie to arrive so that he can perform his mighty Mumbo Magic on them.

The shaman uses his Zap Stick to perform his transformation magic on the bear and bird duo and, in turn, asks for Mumbo Tokens in exchange for his services. And since the inspiration for this statue is how Mumbo appears inside the hut, it's only fitting that the base Mumbo is mounted on is his actual chair!

Mumbo Stn 00

BANJO-KAZOOIE™ – MUMBO JUMBO (EXCLUSIVE EDITION) - USD $582.99 (early bird price $533.49)

For the Exclusive Edition of this statue, since Mumbo Jumbo is always on higher ground compared to Banjo-Kazooie when visiting his hut, we decided to include an additional pair of downward-looking eyes for Mumbo, giving collectors even more options to display their shaman! And not only that, the eyes of Mumbo's Zap Stick now comes with LED functionality as well!

Mumbo Exc 01

BANJO-KAZOOIE™ – CROCODILE BANJO - USD $274.99 (early bird price $247.49)

One of the many transformations that Banjo-Kazooie undergoes in the original game is turning into a crocodile in the Bubblegloop Swamp level, which will allow Banjo-Kazooie to swim in the piranha-infested waters and challenge Mr. Vile in his mini-game.

The base Crocodile Banjo is mounted on replicates the skull button that Banjo-Kazooie has to step on for Mumbo to perform his transformation magic on the duo.

Cro 00

BANJO-KAZOOIE™ – MUMBO JUMBO & CROCODILE BANJO (COMBO EDITION) - USD $769.99 (early bird price $714.99)

The Combo Edition combines all the Mumbo Jumbo (Exclusive Edition) and Crocodile Banjo inclusions in one complete package! Now you can recreate an entire transformation scene as seen in the original Banjo-Kazooie game!

M C Combo 00

Original article [Thu 6th May, 2021 03:55 BST]: If you're an old Rare fan, you might be interested in the next First 4 Figures statue which draws from the Banjo-Kazooie series.

Presenting the Mumbo Jumbo statue - based on the same character from the Nintendo 64 classic, who would transform Banjo and Kazooie into many different forms and was also a playable character in Banjo-Tooie.

"We are ecstatic to be bringing Mumbo Jumbo to life in resin statue form! What an honor and privilege it has been working on this iconic character--fans are going to absolutely love the full reveal next week!"

To celebrate the reveal of the Mumbo Jumbo statue, F4F will be broadcasting a launch stream on 11th May where it will share more details about this upcoming release - including price details, availability, and the estimated release date.

Would you be interested in a giant Mumbo Jumbo statue? Leave a comment down below.

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