Skate City
Image: Agens / Snowman

This truly is the comeback generation for skateboarding games, with another promising entry in the genre now getting a firm release date on Nintendo Switch. Agens and Snowman have confirmed that Skate City arrives on 6th May; its standard price will be $14.99USD, but pre-orders and the first week on sale it'll be $9.99USD.

This game has been around on Apple Arcade for a good while, earning plaudits and praise in that time, so it'll be a pretty polished and established title as it lands on PC and console. It focuses on freestyle skating in city environments based on Los Angeles, Oslo, and Barcelona, though if you don't want to just chill out there will be "over one hundred" challenges to clear.

It's all styled with some nice visuals, an original 'low-fi' soundtrack and a neat option to record your stunts and performance. Check out the trailer below.

One for the wishlist?