Image: Neopets

Look, we know that everything slightly unusual that we write for the entirety of April is going to sound like a weird, horribly late April Fool's Joke, but this one's not a joke. However, it's also not a certainty. It's a weird in-between of "did I read that right?" and "wait, seriously?"

Yes, you read that right: the browser-based pet-raising game Neopets might be coming to the Nintendo Switch. In an interview with Washington Post about Flash games, the little nugget of information that is about to light a fire in the heart of every millennial just slipped out from the Neopets team, and then - get this - they refused to share further details.

Come on, Neopets! You can't tease us like that! Is it a straight port of the original? Can we transfer our original pets? Or is it an open-world MMORPG about raising adorable dragons and contributing to gigantic omelettes?

Neopets did launch a mobile version of the game last year, which is seemingly still in its beta phase. It's likely that a Switch version would use a similar base, but, for now, all we know is that the Neopets team is thinking of bringing it to Switch. No clue as to when, how, or even if it'll happen.

Would you play a Switch version of Neopets, or are you happy to let it stay in the 2000s along with MySpace, Limewire, and frosted eyeshadow? Let us know in the comments.