Princess Peach

With her very own castle, kingdom, and personal superhero to look out for her, the idea that Princess Peach is absolutely minted isn't exactly surprising. Still, it's always good to have facts backing up our wild claims – as factual as a post about fictional pieces of jewellery can be, of course.

UK-based jewellers Taylor & Hart have gone to the trouble of valuing pieces of jewellery found within a variety of video games, TVs and films. The results have been offered up as a ranking, in which "precious metals, unique gems, special abilities and rarity have all come into play," and Princess Peach's crown came in second place overall.

Now, this should obviously all be taken with a pinch of salt – a lot of these items include materials that don't even exist in the real world and lists like these are only really put together for a bit of publicity – but it's still pretty fun to see how experts would value such things.

Peach's crown was valued at a staggering £240 million (or $333 million), largely thanks to the £60m peach sapphire.

Image: Taylor and Hart

"Perhaps surprisingly, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom’s Crown is number two on our list. Whether she’s battling Bowser, racing down Rainbow Road or taking it easy with the Toads, Princess Peach is rarely seen without her crown. What could be more fitting for this Princess than a 175ct peach sapphire in the centre of this crown, flanked by Paraiba tourmalines of a similar size and carat. The value of these, combined with an estimated £37,800 of the metal to hold them, brings the total value to £240,000,000."

Princess Zelda was also featured on the list as the only other Nintendo character, but her crown's apparently only worth a measly £18k. Only.

Here's the full ranking:

Image: Taylor and Hart

So, next time you head off on an adventure to save Peach from evil, remember that she probably could have afforded better security to begin with and therefore could have saved you the trouble. Or, at the very least, she could treat you to a nice gift or something to say thanks. She won't.