Mario charcuterie board
Image: Casey Ligon

Food's pretty great, isn't it? Like, sure, we're here to talk about Nintendo games and they're pretty wonderful too, but we wouldn't say no to a good, hearty fry up right about now. Can you tell we haven't had breakfast yet?

Well, thankfully, those two wonders of the world have now become one thanks to this incredible fan-made charcuterie board. The culinary delight you see before you was created by Casey Ligon, an Instagram user who shares plenty of creative works online from food styling to stop motion and more.

We're not sure we've ever wanted to eat Mario before, but we guess there's a first time for everything. We can spot cheese, peppers, strawberries, chocolate, and even some Smarties thrown in – make sure to scroll through the post below for some close-ups.

"I just finished playing Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury and got inspired to make this charcuterie board," Casey says. "I now desperately need a cat suit so I can go full kaiju and stomp around my house every day."

Perhaps we'll start with his nose, before having a quick nibble of his chin... Oh, sorry, we're supposed to mention something about leaving a comment below at this point, aren't we? Go on, then.