Image: Cottonbro / Pexels

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing piece of video game hardware, but for 9-year-old Kenly Getz, there's something in the world that has even more appeal: pizza. Or, to be more specific, pizza made in Buffalo, New York (and not Ohio, as was previously stated – oops!).

You see, although Kenly lives in Ohio with his family, his mother Heather originally hails from Buffalo, and took her kids to the (apparently) famous Franco’s Pizza recently. They loved it so much, they wanted to try more – which makes you wonder exactly what it is they put in those darn pizzas.

They liked it so much, Heather decided to offer Kenly – who turns 10 next month – a life-changing choice. He could have his dream console, the Nintendo Switch, or he and his family could return to Buffalo and stuff their faces with as much pizza as possible. "I told him I couldn’t do both,” she says, which seems a very sensible bit of parenting if you ask us.

Amazingly, Kenly picked greasy Italian food over the world's current best-selling games console:

As these things have a habit of doing, Heather's tweet has 'blown up' to the point where Franco’s Pizza – the aforementioned establishment in Buffalo – has ensured that Henly's doesn't have to make the choice between food and Switch – he's getting both. Awwwww!

Did your parents ever force you to choose between sustenance and interactive entertainment? Be sure to let us know in the comments.