Update [Fri 2nd Apr, 2021 06:35 BST]: Well, if you had any doubts about yesterday's announcement, PlatinumGames has now published another tweet - this time on April 2nd, Japan time. It reconfirms the Sol Cresta will arrive on Switch, PS4 and Steam at some point this year.

Here's the official tweet from PlatinumGames' English Twitter account:

Original story [Thu 1st Apr, 2021 06:15 BST]: Remember this time last year when PlatinumGames pranked everyone with the announcement of a new arcade shoot 'em up known as Sol Cresta? Well, now - a year later (believe it or not), it's announced the same game really is happening and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC at some point in 2021.

The Japanese announcement trailer featured below notes how the game is "now in development" - so stay tuned for more updates, like a release date. As we previously mentioned, this title is based on the '80s side-scrolling shoot em' ups Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta, and will apparently be the first entry in Hamster's "Neo-Classic Arcade" series.

"The #Platinum4 bonus stage has finally been revealed! Check out the gameplay teaser for Sol Cresta, an all new title with the soul of the classic shooting games Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta, known for docking and formation shooting action!"

It's worth pointing out Hamster retweeted the below tweet and filed a logo trademark for Sol Cresta last month. The game was also rated today in South Korea (thanks, Gematsu).

Back in January, Hideki Kamiya told fans this particular announcement would be "smaller in scale" compared to the previous ones, but expected it to still be exciting. Noticeably, there's also a new "2021" date on the PlatinumGames' website. Fingers crossed it's got something to do with Bayonetta 3.

Platinum 4
Image: PlatinumGames

Like the look of Sol Cresta? Is Hideki just pulling our leg? Share your thoughts down below.

[source twitter.com, via gematsu.com]