The final chunk of narrative DLC for Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising, called 'The Lost Gods', is now available on Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

This latest addition to the game adds a new top-down gameplay experience and brawler-style combat, taking players back for another dose of Fenyx's story. You'll be coming up against new gods, new monsters, and new regions all full of challenges and secrets to discover, alongside powerful upgrades, special bonuses and more.

"When disaster strikes the mortal world, Fenyx chooses a new hero to restore balance on Earth and reunite the lost gods. Players explore Pyrite Island as Ash, an enthusiastic mortal tasked with convincing Poseidon, Hades and other gods to return to the Pantheon."

The DLC also adds two brand-new abilities:

Catastrophe Quake
A powerful stomp that knocks down the enemies around Ash.
Nature’s Fury
An energy beam that damages anything that crosses its path, increasing its damage over time.
Immortals The Lost Gods

The Lost Gods DLC is available either as a standalone purchase at $14.99, or as part of the $39.99 Season Pass which gives you immediate access to all three DLC releases.

Will you be checking out this final installment for Immortals Fenyx Rising? Tell us below.