Prime 2D - Nintendo Life IMG
Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo made the tough decision at the beginning of 2019 to restart the development of Metroid Prime 4 with the help of Retro Studios. Since then (and even before), there's been very little activity on the Metroid front.

Fortunately, there is a passionate Metroid fanbase and one talented group of developers known as "Team SCU" have been working hard on a 2D version of the GameCube hit, Metroid Prime. While it was originally thought to be a joke, it's actually real.

It's called Prime 2D - with the other part of the name removed for obvious reasons, and the first demo has just gone live.

"Hey everyone! The time has finally come for the first public Prime 2D demo. When we first posted it, this post was this April Fools’ day page with fake screenshots, hiding the fact that it was actually our real demo, but we can clear that joke away now that April 1 is over."

SCU further notes how this project is "made by fans for the sole purpose of having fun" and says "all aspects of this demo are subject to change" and may not necessarily reflect the final version.

The demo itself gives players the opportunity to explore the Tallon Overworld, including the Artifact Temple and Chozo Ruins, and includes a range of abilities and power-ups such as the Morph Ball. There's also 360 degree aiming, the ability to scan the environment, and apparently a little extra after the credits.

Would you be interested in a 2D Metroid Prime game? Like the look of this project? Tell us down below.