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Image: Somali channel

The Famicom was Nintendo's first smash-hit home system and spawned the NES in the west. The shared library of these systems is immense, especially by standards of the period – in Japan alone, over 1000 games were released for the console.

"How long would it take someone to collect all of those games, complete-in-box?", we hear you ponder. Well, ponder no longer, as someone has actually gone and done it. That someone is Japanese YouTuber SOMARI, who, in just over 20 years, has finally completed their Famicom collection:

Last month, on March 11, 2021, with the purchase of "Snow Brothers", I was able to complete all 1053 NES cassette commercial products with boxes and instructions!!

It has been 20 years and 3 months since I purchased "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" in December 2000.

Thanks to everyone who has always supported me, I have reached this point! thank you very much!!

The final game was Toaplan's port of Snow Bros., in case you were wondering. All of the 1053 games are complete in their original packaging and come with instructions, too.