Camelot Software Planning has been in the business for decades. Initially known as Sonic! Software Planning, it delivered the seminal Shining Force series. The company would later split from Sega and land a deal with Sony to develop the very first Everybody's Golf. With both sports and RPGs under its hat, Camelot would finally replicate its successes for Nintendo with Golden Sun, Mario Tennis and Mario Golf.

In the past 21 years, Camelot has only made one game that wasn't published by Nintendo, and this game came in a strange lull for the company. Between 1999 and 2005, Camelot developed 11 titles in partnership with Nintendo; it was a unique and powerful asset for the big N... so why was Golden Sun: Dark Dawn its only Nintendo related output throughout the entire Wii/DS era?

While greater conversations between the companies are up for speculation, Wii Sports was very likely a blow to Camelot's productivity. Mario Super Sluggers was the only sports title released on the Wii that would iterate upon games featured in Wii Sports – and even that didn't launch globally. Wii Sports was the identity of the system, and it seemed Nintendo didn't want anything crossing paths with it.

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And so Camelot set out to develop an online golf game titled "I Love Golf". Although this project didn't get very far it later resurfaced as We Love Golf!, a much more traditional game than the initial pitch developed exclusively for the Wii and published by (wait for it) Capcom.

We Love Golf! may have no ties to Nintendo, but the DNA of Mario Golf is so prevalent that this is essentially the Wii's lost entry in the series. Course and UI design feel straight out of Toadstool Tour and it even takes steps to further the series with features such as online play (which Mario Golf wouldn't see for another 7 years)

On top of all this, Capcom even allowed the use of various costumes from its own IP. You'll see outfits from Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney and even Zack and Wiki! It's a bizarre game that many overlooked, but deserves a place in your Nintendo Wii collection. Thankfully, it's dirt cheap these days, too.

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