Imagine Firewatch, but it's set in the English countryside, and instead of being about fires and watching, it's about metals and detecting. Add in a splash of romance, a dash of intrigue, and the voice of Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams from Doctor Who) and you've got The Magnificent Trufflepigs, brought to you from new studio Thunkd, with Everybody's Gone To The Rapture designer Andrew Crawshaw at the helm.

Trufflepig Promo 5

Sure, it might sound like a unique and odd proposition to have an entire game about metal-detecting, especially when the studio themselves notes that you'll mostly be finding "rubbish" - but did anyone imagine that a game about exploring the forests and making sure they aren't on fire would be such a hit?

The game's story focuses on Beth, although players will be taking the role of Adam in first-person. A long time ago, Beth found an earring at a local farm, which gave her brief fame, cash, and a sense of importance, and she's been trying to replicate that feeling ever since by trying to find the earring's match.

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The Magnificent Trufflepigs is being produced in partnership with AMC Games and SundanceTV, giving the project a glossy sheen of prestige television, and although the story seems pretty mild at first blush, the developers guarantee that Beth and Adam will "dig up much more than she bargained for" along the way.

The game will come to PC and Switch in early Summer, and you can wishlist it ahead of time on Steam.

Trufflepig Promo 4

So, what do you think about The Magnificent Trufflepigs? We quite like the title, but it's definitely... unique. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!