Terraria Switch
Image: 505 Games

Terraria's been on more platforms than we can count at this point. First launched in 2011, Nintendo fans have been able to play it on 3DS, Wii U, and Switch, and 10 years later, it's still going strong. Initially bringing us a "2D Minecraft" concept, Terraria slowly found a life of its own.

Now, Re-Logic's game has hit yet another milestone. Previously reaching just over 30 million sales back in April 2020, Terraria's now seen an incredible 35 million copies worldwide across every platform. Like before, Re-Logic has announced this update via the official forums.

Offering a breakdown of sales, it doesn't specify individual console statistics, but here are the full figures:

  • 17.2 Million sold on PC
  • 8.5 Million sold on Consoles
  • 9.3 Million sold on Mobile devices

Compared to last year's figures, its clear this has mostly been driven by PC players, accounting for 3.2 million additional sales, and also it's worth noting that Re-Logic just released a Stadia port, too. Console sales increased by 900k, whilst mobile players brought in 600k extra.

Terraria's final major content update – the fittingly named Journey's End – also launched on PC last May, but console owners are still awaiting its launch.

Speaking further about this, Re-Logic put out this statement:

The momentum for Terraria has never been stronger than it is right this moment. When you add that to what is still to come this year with Console Journey's End, Steam Workshop Support, getting to parity content for everyone... and then the possibility of crossplay down the line (we hope!), you could easily say that Journey's End may have arrived, but the journey for Terraria is far from over!

For a game released nearly a decade ago, no one can argue that Terraria's done exceptionally well, and it looks like players can expect plenty more to come in 2021.

Are you still playing Terraria? Looking forward to Journey's End? Leave a comment in the usual spot.

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